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Coliy was founded in Dusseldorf, Germany, by three engineers with extensive engineering experience and entrepreneurial passion in 1995.

Coliy has excellent engineer genes since the beginning of its business, and 40% of thecompany's revenue is invested in research and development. Coliy specializes in magnetic field detectors, nuclear radiation detectors, moisture detectors and other products. The high-performance sensors used in the products are also designed and manufactured by Coliy.

In 2012, Coliy established a branch in Shenzhen, China.
Coliy has a complete design team in Germany, and uses China's advanced manufacturing technology and perfect supply chain to complete mass production of products.

Coliy not only has high-performance standardized products, but also provides non-standard high-performance customized products to dozens of universities and research institutions every year. Products are sold all over the world, covering various fields such as electronics, physics, industry, transportation, and minerals. Continuous investment has made the performance of Coliy products very outstanding and welcomed by users in various fields.

At present, the company has more than 80 employees(from different countries), 90% of whom have a bachelor degree or above, 20% of whom have a master degree or above, and technical personnel account for 80%. Based on the principle of reasonable personnel allocation, the company's turnover rate is less than 1% per year. The company welcomes outstanding people to join our team to develop together and create value.

Company History

1995  COLIY GmbH founded located in Dusseldorf, Germany.

1996  The first high performance microwave moisture analyzer.

1998  The first radiation scanner model 900.

2000  The first gaussmeter G100.

2005  The new generation microwave moisture analyzer, online non-touching microwave moisture analyzer.

2006  Established China office.

2010  Setup Gaussmeter product R&D department in Hong Kong, Manufacturing in Shenzhen.

2011  R500 radiation scanner sold ten thousand this year.

2012  Set up Coliy China branch.

2013  Release new product G90 series and GF603 handheld gaussmeters.

2015  Release R700 and R60N radiation scanners.

2017  Coliy China branch obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification. (Certificate Number: GR201744201060);

           Coliy China obtained ISO9001-2015 certificate (18717Q110346ROS) on November 14, 2017.

2018  M60S online non-touching microwave moisture analyzer;

          In August the company won the second place in the Electronics Industry Competition of Shenzhen Entrepreneur Star Competition;

          In September, the company won the first place in the electronics industry in the 5th Baoan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals and the second place in the industry finals;

          In December, the company passed the intellectual property management system certification.

2020  Coliy China obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate again, the certificate number: GR202044200134;

          Release G80/G81 gaussmeters.

2022   ….

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