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Non-contact on-line microwave moisture analyzer M60S

• Measuring range: 0-50%

• A resolution of 0.01%
• Accuracy (Lab): 0.1%
• Measurement of non-contact online measurement
• Simultaneous measurement of solid surface and internal moisture
• Probe and material Distance: Approximately 200mm
• object detection include: coal, grain, plastics, flour, seeds, smoke, tobacco, mineral powder......


Non-contact on-line microwave moisture analyzer M60S


Non-contact on-line microwave moisture analyzer M60S has a very high cost-performance ratio. M60S is composed of a host and a probe adopting the principle of non-contact reflective measurement so that there is no need for the probe to contact the materials to be measured. The host uses a 7-inch industrial touch screen making the operation very easy; and the probe is made of high strength stainless steel with the power of 30mW; the host and probe are connected by the stiff-locked and water-proof joint piece along with a 3 meter connecting cable. All the components are dust and water proof and the strong stainless steel shell can resist an accidental hit. The entire unit can be used in severe environmental conditions.
M60S can detect the moisture content in almost any solid material with characteristics of high reliability stable and durable fast responses and high precision. It is designed to make consecutive measurements during the production process. 

Product parameters
Measurement mode:Non-contact on-line measurement

Water content to measure:Measures simultaneously water content internal and on the surface of the solid materials



Distance between probe and materials:About 200mm

Detectable materials:Coal, grain, plastic, flour, powder, seed, cigarette, tobacco leaf, mineral powder, quartz sand etc.


Detection mode:Microwave reflection

Screen:7” Industrial touch screen

Probe:a stainless all-weather microwave probe

Host power:10W


Power supply:100 - 230VAC 50/60Hz

Analog output:4-20mA

Protection level:IP67


While using the M60S online microwave moisture analyzer you only need to fix it to a place 200mm above the material to be measured or 200mm under the conveyor belt. And the moisture content will be detected without contacting the measuring materials. As the microwave is quite sensitive to water and when it penetrates the measuring materials its power and phase will be changed. By detecting this change M60S can measure the value of moisture content. Technicians of Coliy technology GmbH adopted advanced software technology and combined it with engineering experience to create a single probe that doesn't require contact with the measured materials. M60S is easy to install stable and durable making its use very convenient.

Photo:On-board Cargo moisture detection

Photo/Video :Conveyor Material Moisture Detection

Video: Ore water content measurement

Video: Sand water content measurement

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