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RS10 Smart Handhold gamma Spectrometer

RS10 Smart Handhold gamma Spectrometer Description:

• Graphical interface operating system
• 4.3 inches full screen color industrial touch screen
• Scintillation sensor: φ50x50mm NaI Crystal
• High sensitivity: 1µSv/h≥800cps (Cs137, NaI)
• Resolution: 1nSv/h
• Energy response: 30keV-2MeV
• Energy resolution: <8%
• Rapid detection of gamma energy spectrum
• History data can be uploaded to PC

Online Radiation Detector R2000

Online Radiation Detector R2000 Description:

• Graphical interfaces operating system, easy to use
• Energy spectrum analysis function
• 7 inches color touch screen, results clearly
• Sound and light alarm, to remind operator to take protection method
• Standard 3 probes, to reduce the cost greatly (Can be extended to 16 probe)
• Various kinds of measurement data: time, real value, maximum, minimum, alarm value and so on

R800 PIPS Surface Contamination Radiometer

R800 PIPS Surface Contamination Radiometer Description:

• High-sensitivity large area of semiconductor sensor
• Sensor surface with thin aluminum coating protection
• Recognize α β γ and Χ Ray category and its intensity
• Alpha energy spectrum analysis
• TFT sunshine visual color display
• Display a variety of measurement results
• Display units complete: cps, cpm, Bq, Bq/c㎡, Sv/h, Gy/h, rem/h, Sv
• Can make inspection instrument and surface contamination

R60N Neutron Gamma Radiometer

R60N Neutron Gamma Radiometer Description:

• One sensor can detect neutron and γ ray the same time
• 3He sensor and 6LiI (Eu) scintillation crystal
• Gamma suppression ratio 1000:1 (137Cs)
• Neutron energy response range 0.025eV~16MeV
• Gamma energy response range 50keV~3MeV


Contamination monitor R900

Contamination monitor R900 Description:

coming soon......

Shielding Cylinder(Zero-magnetic Chamber)

Shielding Cylinder(Zero-magnetic Chamber) Description:

We could develop larger zero-magnetic chamber as your requirement which will provide you enough zero-magnetic space to carry out non-magnetic test.

on-line liquid consistency analyzer C300

on-line liquid consistency analyzer C300 Description:

• Range: 0-100% concentration arbitrarily chosen
• Resolution of 0.01%
• Three-dimensional calibration data module, the operation is simple calibration
• Probe the maximum allowable temperature: standard 80 ° C, high temperature 120 º C, maximum 250 º C
• The measured liquid requirements: various oil products and organic chemical liquid, daily chemical products and food and beverage

on-line liquid density analyzer D300

on-line liquid density analyzer D300 Description:

• Detection range: 0.4g-3g/cm3
• Accuracy of 0.0001 g / cm3
• Range Ke arbitrary choice
• High reliability, high-resolution
• The sensing element built-in temperature sensor, automatic temperature compensation function
• Maintenance and easy commissioning after installation without calibration
• Conforms to ISO 9000 standards