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Handheld Microwave Moisture Analyzer MH300

Type:Moisture analyzer

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Handheld Microwave Moisture Analyzer MH300



MH300, manufactured by Coliy Technology GmbH, is the most advanced moisture detecting device in the world with its durable, rigid character and high sensitivity, which could be used to detect the moisture in liquid and solid, even the moisture in the electric conductivity liquid could also be detected. MH300 adopts the most advanced microwave moisture sense technique and outstanding ergonomic design which is designed and manufactured with the most advanced electronic technology.  A 3.2 inch LCD screen is equipped to the host machine which provides high volume data storage and display function, the data could also be uploaded to the computer for preservation and analyze. Water and dust proof probe which could be operated in harsh environment is equipped to MH300 with cables which could be as long as 100 meters. There are 15 internal calibration scales at most in MH300 which guarantees a high precision and wide application range. 
MH300 adopts microwave principle: moisture is detected by the resonant character of microwave, moisture content is detected precisely by detecting the resonant frequency and RWs with temperature compensation. Detecting range and reliability of MH300 far exceeds the moisture detectors of any other principles, it is the most advanced device to detect the moisture content of solid.
Detecting range of MH300 is 0-100%, it could be used to detect the moisture content of solid and liquid, a patented fifth generation probe with internal temperature sensor is equipped to MH300 which allows a precise temperature correction and compensation by the unique dynamical correction software specialized for MH300. With the internal three dimensional calibration units, calibration could be carried out easily. MH300 passed CE certification of Europe. 

Working Principle 



  • Outstanding ergonomic design
  • 3.2 inch LCD screen
  • Microwave Time-domain theory
  • Data storage function( auto/manual)
  • Maximum value display
  • Automatically detection of probe
  • Data reservation without electricity
  • Water & Dust proof, IP54 level
  • High capacity lithium battery 
  • Optional SMART computer software


MH300 adopts the most advanced microwave principle with a durable, rigid character and high sensitivity. Moisture content of liquid, solid and electric conductivity could be detected MH300, which is widely used in the following aspects of moisture detecting:


Solid Liquid
plastic material
pottery material
solid chemical material
Natural animal and plant oil  
organic chemical liquid
daily chemical material 
food & beverage
orange juice...


Range 0-100%
Accuracy ±0.5%   (moisture range 0 - 40%)
±1 %   (moisture range 40 - 70%)
Display moisture content
Time domain form
Calibration scales  
Less than 15 units
Working Temperature  
-10ºC  to +50ºC
Display screen  
3.2 inch LCD
Communication interface  
Host dimensions  
238mm x 95mm x 42mm
Chargeable 4000 mAH lithium battery




Model Description
PS2000 Electric Adaptor: Input:100-230VDAC, Output:5VDC
CAB20 Specialized low resistance USB cable which could also be used as electric cable
CAB8-XX Extension cable, optional from 3 to 100 meters, which could be connected to all kinds of probe. XX means length of meters.



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