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On-line solid moisture analyzer S300

Type:Moisture analyzer

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   On-line solid moisture analyzer S300 is at present the most advanced product for moisture content measurement of solid materials with characteristics of sturdiness and durability as well as high sensitivity. Its accuracy is only minutely affected by the material’s color, density and grain. S300 employs the newest technology of moisture measurement and all parts are waterproof and dustproof while the solid stainless steel shell can resist sudden impact allowing the unit to work for long periods under severe environmental conditions. Available with several methods of installation it’s easy to operate and debug with high precision and wide application.
   On-line solid moisture analyzer S300 adopts the principle of ultra-high frequency electromagnetic wave: to utilize the resonance characteristics of L-banc of the electromagnetic to detect the moisture content. By detecting the resonant frequency and peak width of the object and at the same time making temperature compensations and adjustments the medium’s moisture content can be measured accurately. It is currently the world’s most advanced instrument measuring moisture content unit surpassing those utilizing other sensoring principles in terms of resolution range and reliability.
  On-line solid moisture analyzer S300 is available in several different model configurations with resolution up to 0.01% and range to be selected manually between 0-30% enabling its wide application.
   S300 solid Moisture analyzer uses the fifth generation of patent probe with temperature sensor inside. It makes accurate temperature adjustment and compensation through particular dynamic special calibration software. It is the built-in three-dimensional demarcated data module that makes operation and demarcation easy. S300 solid Moisture analyzer passed CE certification for both host and accessories. 

•Advanced measuring principle
• High reliability
• High resolution
• Temperature auto-compensation
• Explosion proof design
• Simple calibration
• Flexible installation
• CE certification
• High accuracy
• Stable and durable maintenance free
• Manual selection of range
• ISO 9000 manufacture standard
• Broad technical support
• Wide application suitable for almost all solid materials

Product parameters:
Range:Choose between 0-30%

0.01% (range among:0%-10%)
0.1% (range above 10%)

0.05% (range under 1%)
0.2% (range among 1%-10%)
0.5% (range above 10%)

Installation:2” NPT screw or standard flange

Depth of penetration:Standard 245mm or customized

Weight:About 10 Kg (depending on installation style and length )

Probe max.temp:Standard 80ºC, optional for high temperature150ºC

Temperature compensation:
Yes (If the temperature of the measuring solid varies
broadly, temperature compensation will be necessary.)

Probe material:304 or 316 stainless steel or titanium

Explosion proof:Explosion suppression DIICT6(optional)

Output:RS-485, 4-20mA


1.Measurement accuracy has nothing to do with the color of the solid.
2.Probe and range can be customized to the clients’ special requirements.
3.The product specifications are subject to change without notice along with the technology progress. 
4.For further information please contact our office. We will reply to your inquiries and provide after-sales services within    48 hours. You can contact us any time.

Above: Rubber factory moisture detection

Above: Quartz sand moisture detection

Service commitment

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2. 30 Days Full-refund Guarantee

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3. 12 Months Warranty

Warranty service period up to 12 months since the shipment

4. OEM & ODM

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Delivery:6-8 weeks

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