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GFS-A Low Noise Three-Axis Fluxgate Sensor

GFS-A Low Noise Three-Axis Fluxgate Sensor Description:

• High-grade three-axis fluxgate sensor
• Excellent linearity <0.0015%
• Noise down to <4pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
• Measuring range: ±70μT or ±100μT
• Frequency response: DC- 3KHz
• Analog single-end output (±5V or ±10V)
• Power supply: ±12V ~ ±17V


FDU101 Fluxgate Sensor Data Acquisition Unit

FDU101 Fluxgate Sensor Data Acquisition Unit Description:

• Digitizes a 3-Axis Fluxgate Sensor
• Sample rate: up to 300ksps (24 bits ADC)
• Digital signal output (RS485)
• Accuracy: 0.01%
• Resolution: 0.01nT(0.1μG)
• Power supply: ±15VDC
• Compatible with most Bartington fluxgate sensor


Ultra-precision Gaussmeter Calibration System

Ultra-precision Gaussmeter Calibration System Description:

1. Highest precision is up to 10ppm
2. High-performance Precision Power DC Power Supply: Stability is 10ppm / 8 hours
3. High-uniformity Electromagnets: highest uniformity is up to 10ppm / cm3
4. Accessories various ancillary software and high-precision adjustable brackets, etc.


Shielding Cylinder(Zero-magnetic Chamber)

Shielding Cylinder(Zero-magnetic Chamber) Description:

We could develop larger zero-magnetic chamber as your requirement which will provide you enough zero-magnetic space to carry out non-magnetic test.

3-Axis Desktype Gaussmeter

3-Axis Desktype Gaussmeter Description:

0.05% accuracy coming soon... Detail>>