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GF603 Three-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer


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COLIY®--Excellent Solution for Magnetic Field Measurement
High Magnetic Field (0-20T) Measurement
Model Principle Type Axis DC Accuracy Range Resolution
G80 HALL Handheld 1 2% 2T 1μT
G91 HALL Handheld 1 2% 3T 20μT
G92 HALL Handheld 1 1% 10T 10μT
G93 HALL Handheld 3 1%, 0.5% 20T 10μT
G201 HALL Desktop 1 0.2% 20T 1μT
G401 HALL Desktop 1 0.04% 20T 1μT
G403 HALL Desktop 3 0.1% 20T 1μT
GSP301D HALL Transmitter 1 1%, 0.2% 10T 10μT
GSP303D HALL Transmitter 3 1%, 0.2% 20T 10μT
Low Magnetic Field(0- 2mT) Measurement
Gaussmeters for Low Magnetic Field
Model Principle Type Axis DC Accuracy Range Resolution
GMR60 GMR Handheld 1 0.5% 2mT 10nT
GF601 Fluxgate Handheld 1 0.5% 1mT 0.1nT
GF603 Fluxgate Handheld 3 0.25% 1mT 0.1nT
GF633 Fluxgate Desktop 3 0.1% 100μT 0.01nT
GFP703 Fluxgate Transmitter 3 0.5% 1mT 0.1nT
GFP803 Fluxgate Transmitter 3 0.2% 1mT 0.1nT
AC Magnetic Field Measurement (30Hz- 1MHz)
Model Principle Type Axis AC Accuracy Range Frequency
GA1000 GMR Handheld 3 2% 400μT/ Axis 30Hz- 1MHz
Fluxgate Sensor
Model Principle Type Axis Noise Output Range
F53 Fluxgate High Temp. 3 ≤300pT@175℃ ±5V 100μT
 Note: 1T= 10kG; 1mT= 10G;  1μT= 10mG;  1nT= 10μG


GF603 Three-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer

GF603 Three-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer

COLIY Gaussmeter  CE  Certification

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