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G81 Handheld Gaussmeter


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COLIY®--Excellent Solution for Magnetic Field Measurement
High Magnetic Field (0-20T) Measurement
Model Principle Type Axis DC Accuracy Range Resolution
G80 HALL Handheld 1 2% 2T 10μT
G81 HALL Handheld 1 0.8% 10T 1μT
G93 HALL Handheld 3 1%, 0.5% 20T 10μT
G201 HALL Desktop 1 0.2% 20T 1μT
G401 HALL Desktop 1 0.04% 20T 1μT
G403 HALL Desktop 3 0.1% 20T 1μT
GSP301D HALL Transmitter 1 1%, 0.2% 10T 10μT
GSP303D HALL Transmitter 3 1%, 0.2% 20T 10μT
Low Magnetic Field(0- 2mT) Measurement
Gaussmeters for Low Magnetic Field
Model Principle Type Axis DC Accuracy Range Resolution
GMR60 GMR Handheld 1 0.5% 2mT 10nT
GF601 Fluxgate Handheld 1 0.5% 1mT 0.1nT
GF603 Fluxgate Handheld 3 0.25% 1mT 0.1nT
GF633 Fluxgate Desktop 3 0.1% 100μT 0.01nT
GFP703 Fluxgate Transmitter 3 0.5% 1mT 0.1nT
GFP803 Fluxgate Transmitter 3 0.2% 1mT 0.1nT
AC Magnetic Field Measurement (30Hz- 1MHz)
Model Principle Type Axis AC Accuracy Range Frequency
GA1000 GMR Handheld 3 2% 400μT/ Axis 30Hz- 1MHz
Fluxgate Sensor
Model Principle Type Axis Noise Output Range
F53 Fluxgate High Temp. 3 ≤300pT@175℃ ±5V 100μT
 Note: 1T= 10kG; 1mT= 10G;  1μT= 10mG;  1nT= 10μG

G81 Handheld Gaussmeter

G91,G92 Handheld Gaussmeter
COLIY Gaussmeter  CE  Certification

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an advantage
MODEL 5180
Accuracy(DC) 0.8% 1%
MAX Range 100kG (10T) 30kG (3T)
Noise 0.05G (5uT) 0.4G  (4uT)
Display screen 3.2” Color touch LCD Black and white LCD
Display Digits 4 (example:5678G) 31/2 (example:5.68kG)
Temperature coefficient Typ. ±50ppm/℃ ±870 - ±950ppm/℃ **
Probe protector Non-magnetic Metal Brittle Plastic
Operation System Touch Screen Button Control
N/S Polar Indication YES NO
High range probe(10T) YES NO
Smart record and review YES NO
Trend Graph display YES NO
Spectrum Analysis YES NO
Temperature Compensation YES NO
0.2ms Pulse Magnetic Field Capture Function YES NO

*According to the practical test results

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