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on-line liquid density analyzer D300

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    The on-line liquid density analyzer D300 of Coliy Technology GmbH is the world's most advanced product for measuring density with characteristics of sturdiness and durability. It can detect density of all flow liquids on line. It is easy to calibrate and operate and free of maintenance with high degree of accuracy and a wide range of applications representing a quantum leap in measurement methods.
    The on-line liquid density analyzer D300 utilizes oscillating U-tube principals to analyze the density of liquids based on an electronic measurement of the frequency of oscillation from which the density value is calculated.:   It lets an excitation current pulse run through a drive coil beside the  oscillating U-tube  and it causes an oscillation of u-tube owing to magnetic effect from the drive coil; There is another detection coil placed close to the u-tube to collect current at the same oscillating frequency as the u-tube. As the oscillating frequency of the u-tube is affected by the quality of liquid flowing through the U-tube i.e the density of the liquid the frequency changes of current signal detected represent changes in density value of the liquid. D300 could be used to detect general liquid and liquid at a temperature of 1500C or pressure of 10   MPa.
    The accuracy of on-line liquid density analyzer D300 can attain 0.001 g/ cm'. Its oscillating tube is made of Hastelloy which is corrosion resistant. We welcome further contact  so as to customize production design based on your special requirements.
    The on-line liquid density analyzer D300 utilizes patented circuitry a sensor with build-in temperature sensor and unique dynamic calibration software to automatically calibrate and compensate temperature through simple operation.  Main body and accessories of D300 has CE certification.

Practical Applications:
It is utilized for online detection of liquid density. It could be applied for density detection in various  industries  including  chemical  plants  household  chemicals  organic  chemicals pharmaceutical chemicals food brewing industry etc for density detection of various liquids e.g. Saline density, slurry density, hydrochloric acid density, alcohol density, oil density, milk density, ink density, pulp density.

.Advance principals utilized
·High reliability
.High resolution
.Auto compensation to
No need for calibration
Flexible installation approach
.Originally manufactured in Germany
.No ray source inside
·Durable and maintenance free
·Arbitrary ranges to choose
·Manufactured in ISO 9000 standard
.Adapt to a wide range of liquids.

Product parameters:
Range measurable: 0.4g-3g/cm3
Maximumrange: 0.7g/cm3(density
Accuracy: 0.0001g/cm3
Linearity: 0.01%
Temperature sensor: Pt100
Weight: 7kg
Tolerance of temperature and pressure: <110ºC,<15.0MPa
Temperature compensation: Auto-compensation
Material: 316 stainless steel or Hastelloy
Explosion proof: NEC/CSA Class 1 Div.1 Group C & D
Output: 2 route 4-20mA 1 route RS-232
Power: 18-32VDC

Diagram of probe installation

Table 1 for Probe installation for liquid density analyzer D300

  The product specifications are subject to change without notice along with new technology progress.

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