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    Coliy  Group      
       The leading manufacturer in the field of industrial component analysis and industrial automation products in Europe and Asia .

         In the field of industrial component analysis and the industrial automation products, Coliy  Group has become the leader in design innovation and technology optimization. This is the core principle of Coliy Group. Our company will continue to mine product depth, research and development and expand the global market. The development strategy of our company is to develop new products and provide solutions for various working environments.
 Coliy Group was founded in 1995, located in Dusseldorf , Germany with manufacturing facilities in German and Asia. In 1996, Coliy produced the first high performance microwave moisture analyzer. Coliy is the pioneer in the development of new generation of moisture analyzers and environment protection instruments, the products have excellent performance and quality characteristics.

        In 2005, Coliy Group produced a new generation microwave moisture analyzer, online non-touching microwave moisture analyzer, using a new advanced processing chip, with an operational speed 5 times faster than previous models.

      With the advent of the new century, Coliy Group accelerated product development and produced new automation products continually. Our product category is primarily confined to three types: moisture content analyzers, liquid level and pressure switches, and hand-held environment protection instruments.
      The unit was manufactured to have a longer life and adopted a large-screen touch screen as man-machine interface, optimized dialogue software which made customers mastering of the product simpler and easier. In 2006, we changed to longer life titanium steel for the online touching moisture analyzer, we increased the resolution to 10ppm.The range can be choosen from 0.1% to 100%, the accuracy is also enhanced twofold. A vast number of European clients in the oil and chemical industry all prefer to use our products because of quality, accuracy and ease of operation.


       The company continues to expand to develop agents and offices throughout the world and have exploited a large number of international markets. In 2006,Coliy Group began to enter the China market. In 2008, in order to adapt to requirements of products and technology for the Asian market Coliy set up an R&D department in Hong Kong and manufacturing in Shenzhen.
       The mission of Coliy Group is to become the leader in the field of industrial component analysis and industrial automation products, and provide accurate and reliable measurement and optimum product quality at a reasonable price.